Laser distance meter rangefinder Measure tool gadget

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  • Very Accurate Measurements

  • Measures  40M 60M 80M 100M size available distance finder
  • Trena laser tape range finder build measure device ruler test 
  • Size: 112*50*25mm
  • Measurement Accuracy: +/-2mm
  • Power Type: Battery-Powered
  • Model Number: SW-T40,SW-T60,SW-T80,SW-T100
  • Measure: distance, area,Volume, Pythagorean
  • Measurement unit options::: mm/in/ft
  • Addition/ Subtraction of measurement: YES
  • Data Hold / Data clear function: YES
  • laser rangefinder: laser measure
  • laser range finder : laser distance measured
  • construction tools: laser tape measure
  • laser meter: Diameter
  • laser ruler: electronic measurement instruments
  • distance measure: rangefinder
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