A Wooden Toy clock learning time Colourful 12 Numbers with animal image

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    • Spend special moments with your child when teaching time and learning numbers

    • Wooden toys bring back a sense of nostalgia and simplicity

    • Analog Geometry Cognitive Matching Clock

    • Early Educational 3D Toy Puzzles

  • A fun way to learn to tell the time
    Place the wooden blocks in the right places
    For ages 3+
    This shape sorting clock is a fun and colourful way for little ones to learn to tell the time! Place the wooden blocks in the right order and move the clock hands to practise different times. Play with and learn the different numbers, colours and shapes
  • Video available.....
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPRQOP4tIJkGeYu2QBcL_7g
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