Meerkat Wooden Montessori base Educational toy Learn Cylinder Blocks

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Do your bit for the environment and buy a wooden toy for your little ones this Xmas!
This Montessori style educational Wooden toy gives your child experience in size and diameter, tall and short.
Teaches dexterity and skills in probabilities experience.
The knobbed sockets aids in pencil grip.
Your child learns the art of finding the correct size cylinder to fit into the slots.
'Help the Meerkat to put the cylinders blocks back into their correct socket' game.
Parents or carers praising their child on completion will give them a great sense of achievement.
Fun in learning
Good quality sturdy wood
Comes with Pineapple design wooden base.
1 wooden Meerkat
20 Cylinder sockets
For age 3 year+
(Note: Small parts in this toy or other is a choking hazard. Please attend your child while at play)
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